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Yadin Kaplansky

P s y c h o - E n e r g e t i c s

Brennan Healing Science Integration Work Practitioner

Former Holistic Psychotherapy Teacher

Reidman International College for Complementary and Integrative Medicine, Tel Aviv

Teacher for reading and diagnosing physical and emotional conditions according to the Human Energy Field


Brennan Healing Science Integration Work, Emotional Therapy, Couples Counselling, Coaching, Emotional-Energetic Work with Life Threatening Illness, Family Constellation.

Psycho-Energetics is an integrative therapeutic model evolved from the work and study of Dr. Barbara Brennan, former NASA astrophysicist and a pioneer in the field of Energy Healing and Holistic Psychotherapy.

A Psycho-Energetics session is based mostly on conversations between you, the client, and myself, the therapist. PsychoEnergetics integrates different techniques with the intention of transcending the barrier of the intellectual mind into the subconscious, where conditioning and trauma can be transformed directly.  

This model applies to a variety of issues: unhappiness, personality disorders, addictions, life crises, couplehood and spiritual growth.
The first session is devoted to getting to know each other and to determining whether this model and the chemistry between you and I is right. When both of us feel that it is, we draw a roadmap for the therapeutic process in which we name the issues to be dealt with, changes you might have to face and the challenges.

For highly complex cases, such as severe emotional distress or life threatening diseases, I work with a team of professionals from different modalities/disciplines whom I have years of experience with and who are excellent in their fields: Psychiatrists, Acupuncturists and Naturopathic Doctors. I find that such collaborations promote a more holistic healing process and a safe and contained feeling for the client and their family. In many cases, such a team can save a lot of time, frustration and energy.

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Sessions are facilitated in my

 Tel Aviv office, or on Skype



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